Blast chiller 10 Trays

5 trays
Needle probe
-40° – +10°

Side-hinged doors
60 db
121 kg
Inner fan cover
1180 W

  • GN1/1 and EURONORM 600x400mm upright blast chiller
  • Stainless steel exterior and interior
  • Ventilated cooling with manual defrost
  • Plastic thermal braker as chamber body frame (heated wire)
  • Evaporator with anti-corrosion treatment
  • Foaming agent Cyclopentane (75mm)
  • Digital thermostat with Wi-Fy function
  • Digital thermostat with buzzer alarm
  • Error message in the display
  • Chilling chamber in stainless steal
  • Door microswitch for stop inner fan with open door
  • Preparated for condensation water tray (not included)
  • Needle probe fitted as standard
  • Resversable door
  • Distance between trays 75mm
  • Temperature controlled or temporizated blast cycle (soft/hard)
  • Automatic storage mode at the end of blast cilling cycle
  • EMC Fan (for low energy counsumption/low noise level)
  • Button for ICE CREAM cycle
  • Button for -40°C cycle
  • Adjustable feet (lockable castor as optional)