G|Trolley D20

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40 years of professional ovens for gastronomy and pastry


A story that starts from the passion and from the entrepreneurial spirit of the founder Giorgio Garbin, who was able to transform a small family business into an international brand, a showcase for the design and quality of the Made in Italy product in the world. Under the expert guidance of the founder, the Garbin family has preserved over the years the wealth of business experience and know-how, with a view to innovation and constant evolution in full compliance with the values ​​and traditions of the past.


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The ideal solution per facilities that require a small sized product, mainly to prepare frozen products suach as bread and pastries.


The ideal choice for cooking professionals, thanks to it’s attention to detail and high reliability components.


A must-have product for all professional chefs for it garantees the best possibile result for each type of product.


The most powerful and reliable kitchen tool due to it’s endless cooking modes, 5-speed motor, multipoint core probe and auto-diagnostic system.


Perfect line for hotels, hospitals, catering centers and large cooking centers thanks to their power and capacity.

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